Name : Kim Chang Han

Address : Ulsan High School of Art, 621-6, Ungchon-ro,                Ungchon-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, South Korea (44962) Telephone : +82 10-6591-3338, +82 52-225-9299

E-mail :  

Website :

Occupation : Artist/Art Educator

                 Media - Painting(Mixedmedia), Drawing, Theory of Art

Date of Birth : June 1964




   1987: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Dept of Painting, Hong-ik University,  Seoul

   1991: Master of Fine Art, Dept of Painting, Hong-ik University, Seoul


Invited Solo Exhibitions

  February 2017 : Prak-sis Contemporary Arts Association (gallery) (Chicago, U.S.A)

  2016 : ? (Busan, Korea)

  February 2016 : Bongpo Plartform Gallery (Goseong, Korea) Subject: Winter Sea  Website

   2015 : Gallery Cafe Quoom (Ulsan, Korea) Subject: Spring - Vital Fantasy

  2014 : The Penthouse Gallery SOO (Busan, Korea) Subject: Sea-Vital Fantasy  Website

            Sun Gallery (Ulsan, Korea) Subject: Self-portrait/Family/Winter Sea  Websigte

   2013 : Tongdo-sa Seolseong-dang (Buddhist Monastery-Yangsan, Korea)

                            Subject: Maehwa-Circulation & Samsara  Website

            This exhibition is proudly supported by Tongdo-sa

   2010 : John Waldron Arts Center (Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A)   Website

                                                      Subject: Dragonfly Seasons

            This exhibition is proudly supported by Ivy Tech State Colleg in Bloomington

   2009 : Gallery Gac (Seoul, Korea) Subject: Maehwa  

            Gongpyeong Gallery (Seoul, Korea) Subject: Maehwa

            H Gallery (Ulsan, Korea) Subject: Maehwa

   2006 : Ann Gallery (Seoul, Korea) Subject: The Sea & Maehwa

   2005 : The City of the Arts Space (Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia)  Website                                Subject: Dragonfly Seasons 

             This exhibition is proudly supported by Tweed Shire Council, NSW

            Paraiso Gallery (Osaka, Japan)  Website

                                  Subject: Dragonfly Seasons

           Tongdo-sa Seoun-am (Buddhist Monastery-Yangsan, Korea)  Website

                                  Subject: Maehwa

            This exhibition is proudly supported by Tongdo-san Seoun-am (Yangsan)

   2004 : Sinmi Gallery (Daegu, Korea) Subject: Apple Tree

   2003 : Ulsan Culture & Arts Center Gallery-1 (Ulsan, Korea) Website

                                 Subject: Dragonfly Seasons & Apple Tree

            This exhibition is proudly supported by Ulsan Culture & Arts center

   2000 : Gonggan Gallery (Ulsan, Korea) Subject: Dragonfly Seasons


Solo Exhibitions

   2015 : Ulsan Culture & Arts Center Gallery-2 (Ulsan, Korea) Subject: Sea - Vital Fantasy


            This exhibition is proudly supported by Ulsan Metropolitan City and Arts Council  Korea

   2013 : DaeYeonHillState-Pruzio Apt (Busan, Korea) Subject: Recent Works

            Ulsan Culture & Arts Center Gallery-4 (Ulsan, Korea) Subject: The Sea & Maehwa

  2011 : Ulsan Culture & Arts Center Gallery-3 (Ulsan, Korea) Subject: The Sea & Maehwa

  2010 : Insa Art Center (Seoul, Korea) Website

               Subject: Publication exhibition of the Self Published Art-Book with the recent works

            This exhibition is proudly supported by Ulsan Metropolitan City and Arts Council  Korea

   2006 : Bond University Art Gallery (Gold Coast, Australia)   Website

                                                            Subject: The Vibrant Sea & Dragonfly Seasons            

          Bow Gallery (Ulsan) Subject: The Vibrant Sea & Maehwa

   2005 : Hyundai Art Gallery (Ulsan) Subject: Spring in Ulsan

   2004 : Chang Gallery (Ulsan) Subject: Apple Tree

   2003 : Bukgu Cultrual & Arts Center Gallery (Ulsan) Subject: Dragonfly Seasons

   1995 : Modeny Gallery (Ulsan) Subject: Apple Tree & Dragonfly Seasons

   1994 : Insa Gallery (Seoul, Korea) Subject: Real Life & Nature

            Yoon Gallery (Ulsan) Subject: Real Life & Nature

   1991 : Batanggol Gallery (Seoul, Korea) Subject: Real Life & Nature


Art Fair Exhibitions

   May 2016 : Art Busan (BEXCO, Busan, Korea)   Website

   2015 : The X Florence Biennale (Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy)

   2014 : CA-U, Contemporary Art Fair (Hotel Hyundai, Ulsan, Korea)

   2014 : SOAF (Seoul Open Art Fair-COEX, Seoul, Korea) Website

   2013 : Art Show Busan (BEXCO-2, Busan, Korea) Website    Website

   2011 : KIAF, Korea International Art Fair (COEX, Seoul, Korea)  Website

   2006 : SAN DIEGO ART FAIR (CJ Gallery, U.S.A)

            KAFF, Korea America International Art Fair Organizing Committee

            KAFF, Seoul International Art Fair (Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

   2005 : Osaka International Art Fair (A.T.C Center, Osaka, Japan)

   2005 : KAFF, L.A Art Fair (Gallery Jimharter, U.S.A)


Director of the International Exchange Exhibitions / Workshops

  2007 December : Impressions from Afar - A Visitor's Perspective

         Involved 28 artists(Korean, Canadian, United Kingdom, American, Australian)

                    (Ulsan Bukgu Culture & Arts Center Gallery)  Website

         This exhibition is proudly supported by Ulsan Metropolitan-Bukgu City

  2007 June/July : I.C.C Artists Exchange Exhibition & Workshops

                         (Hyundai Arts Center, Ulsan, Korea)  Website

  2007 January : I.C.C(International Creative Community) Artists Exchange Exhibition

                    (Gold Coast Council Chambers Foyer Gallery, Queensland, Australia)  

         Involved 29 artists(Korean, Canadian, Australian)   Website

  2005 August : Workshop - Tweed River Regional Art Gallery

                (Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia)  Website


Collections, Commissions

My work is on permanent display in the following locations:

Domestic (Ulsan) : Ulsan Metropolitan City and Office of Education, The Lotte Hotel,

                  Hyundai Arts Center, The Ulsan Culture & Art Center, SMS-Korea...

                  Numerous individually owned pieces in Ulsan and other cities in Korea

Overseas : Australia - Gold Coast City Hall, numerous individually owned pieces

                                     (Approximately 30 art works from 2005 to 2008)

 America - IVY TECH(Community College, Bloomington),

               individually owned pieces(Approximately 10 art works from 2002 to 2010)

 Canada, Japan, New Zealand, China - Individually owned pieces


Group Exhibitions / Competitions

  1987~2015 : about 250 times (Korea, U.S.A, China, Australia, Canada)

  1987 ~ 2015 (Selected)

  2015 :


  2014 :

  - Korea Realism Art (Ulsan)

  2013 :

  - Different Color of Out-going (Ulsan)

  - Woongchon Cultural Festiva (Ulsan)


    - The light of Korea (Gongpyeong Gallery-Seoul Art Center, Seoul) 


    - Seoul Art Festival (Ritz Carlton Hotel, Na Gallery, Seoul)


    -  Piano Nobile Gallery (Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall, Canada)

    -  Korean Modern 50 Artists (Gallery Gac, Seoul)

    - The Exhibition of Art Ulsan 2010 (Ulsan)


    - Ism(The Siuter Art Space , Seoul)

    - Today's 100 representative artists' exhibition (Sejong Culture & Art Center, Seoul)

    - Wow Art Gallery and CK Gallery(Ulsan)


   - Cruising towards Sea of Art  celebrating Hyundae Art Gallery's 10th Anniversary(Ulsan)

   - Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)


   - A Contemporary View 2007 - Invited by Soul Art Space(Busan)

   - Cool Art Gallery (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia)


   - Waywood Gallery (Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia)

   - Escape Gallery (Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia)

   - ART GALLERY COLLECTIONS (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)



   - ART GALLERY COLLECTIONS (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)


   - Seohae Belt Exhibition (Ansan Culre and Arts Center, Ansan)



        (JD Gallery-L.A, Gallery3-Lakewood, SCENT Gallery-Chicago, U.S.A)

   - Exhibition invited by the Federation of Arts and Culture Organization at six

            metropolitan cities and Jeju Island

   - Educators in Korea and China Exhibition(Kyung-in Art Gallery, Busan)


   - China-Korea arts exchange exhibition (Weondong Art Center in Changchun, China)


   - The 30th anniversary exhibition of the Ulsan Fine Arts Association(Ulsan)


   - 'Splendid Outing' (POSCO Gallery, Pohang)

   - Designed the stage of the dance performance 'Plane, Solid and Dance'


 Teaching Career at Universities, 1991~2007

  - Design Department of Dongju Women's Junior College (Sketch)

  - Design Department of Youngsan University (Drawing)

 - The Institute for Continuing Education at Ulsan University (Practice in Western Painting)

 - Arts Department of Changshin College (Watercolor)

 - Western Painting Department of Uiduk University (Expression Techniques in Watercolor Paintings)



 - Korean Representative of I. C. C. (International Creative Community), 2007~  

 - International Culture Exchange Consultant (Buk-gu District of Ulsan Metropolitan City), 2008~

 - A member of The Korean Fine Arts Association, 1991~

 - Artist Award of Ulsan Fine Arts Association, 2011



 Full time teacher in Art (Painting/Drawing/ Theory of Art), Department of Art, Ulsan Art High School


Press 1  - Overseas

   Australia(New South Wales, Queensland), America(Bloomington-Indiana)

Press 2 - Domestic/Overseas

  2013 :

   - UBC TV(Broadcasted in Korea)

   - KBS TV(Broadcasted in Ulsan) ->Between 41~45' of the program

   - LIRIKOS gallery

   - HYUNDAI Heavy Industries Co, Ltd - The Magazien on April(18~19 p)

   - Newspaper/Website in Ulsan: many times

  2010~2012 : various local newspapers and overseas

  2009 Fall : Cafe Orange (Korean Fashion Magazine) "Dragonfly Seasons

                 The Korea Times"

  2008 May : Korea Sun (English Magazine) "An Artist and an Apricot Tree (Plum Blossoms)"

  2008 July : Korea Sun (English Magazine)  "Korea Fine Art Contest"

  2007 June/July/December: KBS TV (Length: 20 min, Broadcasted in Busan and Ulsan area), 

                  MBC/UBS TV (in News, Ulsan)

                  Korea Herald and other various local newspapers

  1990s Present: Han-Kook Ilbo, No cut news, Ulsan Kyungsang Ilbo, Ulsan mail

                  newspaper, Ulsan Kwang yuk ilbo and other various TV programs on KBS,

                  MBC, and UBC TV

Press 3

  NocutNews2006-11-10   YeonhapNews2007-12-18   YeonhapNews2007.12.11  07SoulArtExhibition


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Others 2

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 Ssangyong Hana Bilriji 304-203, 92, Samjeong-ro, Cheongnyang-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, (44961)