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Director of the International Exhibition


아름다운 이국(異國)의 풍물(風物)전


국제전 기획/추진


“젊음의 문화 북구 2007 기획전시”
I.C.C.(International Creative Community) 국제 창작 미술 공동체 2007.

Ulsan Bukgu Culture & Arts Center Gallery
Tuesday, December 11 ~ Thursday, December 20, 2007                            
                             Opening: Tuesday, December 11, 7pm to 8pm
                             With performance, "portrait of a foreign artist in Korea, 2007"
                                           By Penelope Thompson Gallery Phone (052) 219-7400
주최/주관/전시장소 : 울산광역시 북구(북구문화예술회관 전시실)
전시: 2007.12.11(화)~12.20(목)   오픈식: 2007.12.11(화) 오후 7시
              ,                     페널롭 톰슨의 퍼포먼스- “한국에 있는 외국작가의 자화상”  


News of the Exhibition 북구전 관련언론보도

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5, The Koreaherald
Hi everyone,
how are you? The exhibition opening went very well I thought, so thanks to everyone for all your
hard work. I just wanted to let you know that I have put some photos and info about the ICC Ulsan
exhibition and performance on my blog at:

Hope you saw the Korea Herald article I wrote on December 13. You can check it online at:
Just click on WEEKLY - Life & Community, and look for the article "A fresh take on an ancient
civilization" by Penelope Thompson.
bye now
Penny Thompson.