a-2, The secret Christmas gift 크리스마스 선물, 비밀


Jessie(Canadian)제시 : 2004, December




2009, January => I met them about four years ago in Ulsan.
They love Art very much and love Korean cultural too.
Recently they are living on Jeju Island.                                                                      

Jessie was studied in Canada and her major subject was an Art.
She sent me an e-mail about the secret Christmas gift for her lover to Daniel as followings.

내가 이들을 처음 만난것은 2000년대 초 울산이었다. 그들은 예술을 사랑하고 한국의 문화에 관심이 많았다. 최근까지 그들은 제주도에 머물면서 학교/학원에서 영어선생님으로 일했다.  제시는 캐나다에서 미술을 전공했고 그의 남자친구 다니엘은 미국에서 영문학을 전공했다. 아래 이메일은 제시의 남자친구 다니엘(미국인)을 위한 '크리스마스선물, 비밀'의 사연이 담겨 있다.

On Sun, 03 Oct 2004, Jessie wrote:
hello chang-han,

it's me, jessie...daniels girlfriend.
i'm really looking forward to seeing you and your show next weekend.
the book you sent us is great.
i have a question for you. daniel and i both really love your paintings and i would like to have you paint one for us.
i would love to give daniel one of your paintings for a christmas present.
i really love your dragon fly water colours.
could you maybe do one with two dragonflies...a male and female?
it wouldn't have to be a big painting.
do you think you could paint it?
how much would it cost?
i know daniel has always wanted one of your paintings so i would love to buy
one for him.
email me and let me know what you think.
don't tell daniel though...i want it to be a surprise. :)
see you soon,

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, Jessie wrote:
daniel likes the oranges in the first one the best.
so that's the one i pick for him.
they all look wonderful...you have been working really hard!
i am excited to see his face when i can give him your painting for xmas.
he will be really happy.

thanks you,

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, Daniel Julian wrote

About the Japan trip, Jessie and I will be arriving in Fukuoka by ..... Actually, Jessie does not know for sure about this plan, because I am buying the trip for her Christmas present.
For this reason, you should not discuss it with her until after next week. It's fun to be sneaky at Christmas time.

On Mon, 27 Dec 2004, Daniel Julian wrote:
Dear ChangHan,

I cannot stop smiling about my Christmas present from Jessie.
It is a wonderful gift!
Soon I will send you a picture to show you how it hangs in our apartment.
I hope you had a warm and cheerful Christmas.
Did you receive any new toys?

Happy holidays,

On Mon, 27 Dec 2004, Daniel Julian wrote:

In these photos, you can see the place where your painting lives now.
I hope you can visit here sometime.

You knew all of our Christmas secrets this year.
About the painting for me and also about the Japan trip for Jessie...
She seems excited about the trip so I am happy.
I have been thinking more about our plan.
I think you are right about going to Tokyo.