a-3,  The cabin burned down 불타 버린 오두막집


Daniel Julian(American)다니엘 쥴리안 : 2006, October




2009, January => I met him since in the early of 2000s. He is an American who is working as an English instructor for Tamna Educational Institute and the Jeju Foreign Language Learning Center. Beyond the job, he is a swimmer and a juggler, a reader and a writer.
In the middle of October 2006, he visited in Seoul where I have a solo exhibition and he wanted to buy one of special oil painting which was painted in Australia 2006. It's title was 'Natural Bridge'.

I have a special experience when I had a trip in America 2002.
At that time he wanted to ask to paint his burned cabin as followings. Maybe he wanted to keep for a long time of his beautiful memories with the cabin...

2001년, 울산문화예술회관에서 전시회를 할 때 우연히 만난 것이 인연이되어 지금까지 친구관계가 이어지고 있다. 몇 년 후 미국으로 잠시 머문 후 제주도에 있는 학교에서 몇 년간 근무를 했고 현재는 미국에서 일하고 있다. 전공이 영문학이라 책을 읽고 소설을 쓰는 것을 좋아했다.

2006년 가을 서울에서 개인전을 할 때 그곳을 방문했다. 그리고 호주에서 그린 특별한 유채화를 한점 구입했다.  아래 내용은 2002년 미국을 여행할 때 그의 집을 방문하면서 특별한 부탁을 받았던 생일날 불타 버린 그의 오두막집을 그리게 된 사연이 담겨있다. 그동안 그를 사귀면서 평소 간접적으로만 접해오던 서양사람들에 생각에서 벗어나게된 특별한 친구이다.
불타 버린 그의 별장(오두막집)을 보면서 어린시절 아름다운 추억을 영원히 간직하고 싶었을 것이다. 그림을 그리는 동안 그의 가족과 친적들 모두 특별한 관심을 갖고 지켜보았다.


2002/07/26(금)  Re: itinerary


My birthday was very strange this year.

I could not spend the day with my family because I was in Chicago securing my E-2 visa for Cheju. Then, when I came back from Chicago, I had a party at my father's summer cabin. The party was nice for the weekend, but then there was a disaster. When my friends and I left on Sunday night, I think there was a candle still burning in the cabin. On Monday, the cabin burned down. Now there is nothing left but ash. It is a sad tragedy.

Today and tomorrow I will be making reservations and arrangements for your trip. I have had an important new idea about the itinerary. I think we will be uncomfortable with too much driving if we follow the first plan of one city every night. My new plan is like this:

1st - Chicago (Art Institute, Museum of Science and Industry, Navy Pier, etc.)

2nd - Bloomington (Indiana University, Hoosier National Forest, etc.)

3rd - Evansville (Many intersting shopping places, art museum, etc.)

4th - New Harmony, Indiana (Very historical and beautiful village)

5th - If possible, I would like for you to make a painting of the cabin which burned down. This would be a wonderful gift to me and my father, and we can hang the painting of the old cabin in the new cabin when it is built. The location is next to a lovely river and very close to New Harmony, so this means one more night in New Harmony. There is a very nice resort there.

6th - St. Louis, Missouri (famous arch, gardens, museums, etc.)

7th - Return the rental car on this day and take the AMTRAK train from St. Louis to Penn Station in New York. This will be a more comfortable way to see the country and city views on the way to New York. The total cost will be approximately $400 for your family. I don't know whether I will be coming along or whether you will be okay meeting your student there when you arrive.

8th - New York city.

Please tell me soon your thoughts about this plan.

It is more relaxed and will be better I think especially for the kids.

I can make the AMTRAK reservations.

Yes, it is very hot here. This is another reason I am worried about so much driving as we planned before.

I am very worried about your plan to go to Florida. It is a very famous tourist area, and of course there are wonderful things to see there, but it may be too much for your budget.

Write back soon,   Daniel