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On the street # France -1
Goodbye South Korea, hello Paris.
잘있게 한국이여! 안녕~ 파리

I am here at the Busan International airport where waiting the flight to departure to Europe for painting and solo exhibition. This is a big art journey project.

My first overseas big art journey began in 2005 in Australia. In the country the major subject of my art was Dragonfly Seasons. It was very successful. The invited solo exhibition was organized by the Australia government.

Now, this is the first time to visiti in France. But I was featuring one of magazine which published in France and over the world in 2016.
I will stay in Paris for two weeks. Just simply to paint the artistic city and the people. But my another focus is to look for a good chance to show my art. Most of all it will be very exciting to paint in front of the Eiffel Tower a week and another exotic city with the people.

ps. I have attached the message about the article in the followings. Have a look...

지금은 부산 국제공항에서 인천 유럽행 비행기를 기다리고 있다. 출국 목적은 현지(프랑스~룩셈부르크~독일)에서 두달간 그림 그리고 개인전을 열기 위해서다.

이렇게 큰 규모로 해외에서 개인전 혹은 작품활동이 열린 것은 2005년 호주 정부 초청으로 '잠자리의 사계절'을 주제로 개인전과 워크샵을 열었는데 전혀 기대하지 않았지만 꽤 성공적인 결과를 낳았다.

이렇게 큰 규모로 해외에서 개인전 혹은 작품활동을 한 것은 2005년 호주 정부 초청 '잠자리의 사계절'을 주제로 개인전과 워크샵이 처음이었는데 당시 전혀 기대하지 않았지만 꽤 성공적인 결과를 낳았다. 그후 호주를 여러차례 방문하면서 많은 인연들이 이어졌다.

프랑스는 처음 방문이지만 2016년 그곳에서 발간하는 잡지에 나의 작품활동이 소개된 적이 있다.
당시 인터뷰가 이루어진 것도 현장에서 작업하는 내 모습이 그들의 눈에 신선하게 보였을 것이다.

이번 프랑스 파리 방문 목적은 에펠탑에서 1주, 다른 흥미로운 곳에서 1주 동안 그림 그리는 것이다. 그리고 다음에 전시 기회를 찾는 것이다.

즉, 이번 유럽 3개국 방문은 나의 작품세계를 더욱 깊이있고 폭넓게 확장하면서 이번 방문을 계기로 프랑스든 세계 어느곳에서든 내 그림과 작품활동에 적극 관심 갖는 곳으로 가는 것이 가장 큰 의미가 있다.

지금 이 순간에도 프랑스, 중국, 핀란드 현지 미술관계인들과 미래를 얘기하고 있는데 이들과의 만남도 내가 처음 호주에서 초대 받은 것처럼 우연히 거리에서 만난 것이 첫 출발이었다.

그래서 내 작품활동의 큰 제목을 On The Street 로 했고, 실제 내 작품의 대부분은 거리에서 흥미진지하게 진행된다. 지난 수개월간 캔버스에 밑칠하고 발송 준비했고 최종적으로 각국에 무사히 발송했다. 이제 현지에 도착 후 파레트에 물감짜고 붓을 들 순간이 기다려진다.

메르씨(감사합니다 ~ 프랑스)

파리에 거점을 둔 잡지사에서 2016년 인터뷰를 요청 내용원문 입니다. 시간 관계상 번역은...

Here I would like to share the messages for featuring on a magazine as follow. It looked deep consideration to answer...

I am representing a Paris based magazine while I am in Korea- Clammag and would like for you to be featured in the magazine.
The magazine focuses on artists and they really like your work- mostly because you work in the outdoors and thats interesting. This is a link to the magazine and the work they do. If you click on Clam magazine (next to home) and then you click on covers or pages it will show you past issues.

If you are interested and able to send me pictures and answer questions over email please let me know and I will send you more details. Regards,
Clammag link:

Dear Chang Han,
Thanks so much. Would you be able to answer these questions that I've attached? Its about a page long. I know you will be travelling soon but I would really appreciate if it would be possible.

The theme of the magazine is Substance. I just want to explain something about the questions very quickly- 'Substance' means something that has significance or in the case of art, art that is deep and has meaning. 'Substance' can also mean illegal substances like certain drugs. The questions will ask you about both meanings.

The reason for this is because we're playing with both meanings of the word. The other reason is because some artists feel they can only be creative if they take illegal substances and other artists feel they don't need it to be creative.

This is something that many artists debate about. What gives you your creativity- is it something inside you or do you need to find it in illegal substances. I hope this is clear and is not confusing. I'm sending you the questions now.

Please let me know if anything is unclear about how we have used the word 'Substance'.

In this issue of CLAM,
we are exploring the idea of ≪ substance ≫ in the creative world

What is your name?
Where were you born?
What do you do?
Where do you live?
Apart from here, is there any other place you call home?
What does ≪ substance ≫ mean to you?

Is there a shift to lack of substance in the creative world & the world at large or it has always been like this?

What works of substance have you encountered lately?
Can you tell us about it? By which artist?
And why did you think it has substance?
What is the substance of the gossip web sites & why do you think they are successful?

Have you taken any illegal substances…?
Why did you take it? Did it make a change?
What substances are illegal but shouldn’t be?
What will become the future of marijuana now its slowly becoming a legal substance?

What should happen to those who are now in jail for what has now become legal?
What is the attraction to illegal substances?
What are you working on now?
Does it have substance?

Last word – what’s the ultimate substance?

Is there any question you would have liked me to ask you? Ask it here and answer it.

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