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울산 MBC TV ‘울트라’ 다시보기-3월15일
매화 작업 인터뷰 방송시간 24:05분 ~ 32:00분
포교국장 스님 인터뷰 28:00분 ~ 28:58분


EISBACH STUDIOS, Grasbrunner Straße, 뮌헨 독일

ChangHan Kim
Spring greeting for you from Helsinki, Finland.
Thank you for your facebook, which I had gotten last week ago. I saw that there are very many flowers of spring in Souht-Korea. I admired those flowers are beautiful and colorful. I think the Souht-Korean people are surely happy and proud with different flowers. Are you happy, too? You do paint flowers to the paintings.
Here is beautiful spring in Helsinki, Finland. The sun is shinning almost every day.
We Finnish people are so glad with spring time.

I want to give you phone number of art exhibition ofgicer, if you could contackt to the art exhibition officer. The officer would give you more informations and knoowlehge about the art exhibitions of Helsinki, if you want to contackt to the officer who would advice and help you for the exhibition of Helsinki. ????
Here is phone +358 40 450 7221
phone 358 (0)29 4500 200

Spring greeting for you, ChangHan Kim! Now I give you e-mail address. OK! Helsinki Taidehalli, Nevanderinkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki (street) Here are e-mail address: Manager Matti Vuoria: > Ninamari:> Art exhibition head (chicf)> Please contact to Nimari> Please also contact to a secretary > Officer helpes and advises you giving more information and knoowledge about art exhibition. You can answer about Gallery and accident room. taidehalli = hall of art

Soini suni

Participation the International Art-Fair of ‘Art Busan 2018’
부산 국제아트페어(아트부산) 참가 -
장소 : 부산 BEXCO 1전시장 부스번호 B-13(갤러리Doo 소속)
기간 : 2018. 4. 19 ~ 22
시간 : 4.19 (목) Preview(VIP) 14:00 - 20:00
4.20 (금) ~ 4.21(토) 11:00 ~ 20:00
4.22 (일) 11:00~18:00
작가와의 만남 : 19~21일 오후 3~7시

Dates : April 20-22
Time : Preview - Tuesday, April 19, 15:00~20:00
Public Days - Friday, April 20 – Saturday, April 21, 11:00~20:00
Sunday, April 22, 11:00~18:00
Venue : Bexco Exhibition Center 1 in Busan
Meeting Artist (me) : April 20-22 15:00~19:00
I will exhibit selected 6 paintings of the Maehwa (Plum Blossoms) and the Sea as the followings. Everybody welcome to enjoy the most biggest Art-Fair in Korea with my works. See you there.

국내 최대 규모를 자랑하는 국제 아트페어인 ‘아트부산 2008’에 매화와 바다시리즈 중 엄선한 작품 6점을 아래와 같이 출품합니다. 많이 오셔서 즐거운 시간 되었으면 합니다. 저는 오후 3~7에 전시장에 있을 예정인데 혹시 미리 연락주시면 전시장 출입구에서 무료입장 할 수 있도록 안내하겠습니다.
혹시 전시장 부스에 제가 없더라도 갤러리 관장님/큐레이터분께서 친절히 안내할 것입니다. 따로 메시지 주시면 연락처 드리겠습니다.

1, 매화(梅花) Maehwa (Plum Blossoms) 2018, Oil on linen 116.8x72.7cm 50M
2, 매화(梅花) Maehwa (Plum Blossoms) 2017, Oil on linen 116.8x72.7cm 50M
3, 매화(梅花) Maehwa (Plum Blossoms) 2018, Oil on linen 50x65.1cm 15P
4, 매화(梅花) Maehwa (Plum Blossoms) 2016, Oil on linen 50x65.1cm 15P
5, 야경-간절곶 At night in Gangeolgot 2013-1, Oil on linen 45.5x53cm 10F
6, 야경-간절곶 At night in Gangeolgot 2013-1, Oil on linen 45.5x53cm 10F

I got the reply from the secretary who said that “I forward it to Kiira Miesmaa, the Senior Curator of the Kunsthalle Helsinki.”
I thought that my exhibition suggestion would be required step by step.
So firstly, I sent the e-mail to the secretary and Nimari (, and I got the simple e-mail from the secretary.
So I didn’t sent the e-mail to the Manager Matti Vuoria, Ninamari and exhibition head (chicf), If you have a good relationship with the officers(works) at the gallery, it will be helpful to process smoothly.

Anyway I am very appreciate for your great interesting of my art.
Eventually we will get together soon whether in Europe or in your country.
Please remember that I already made a reservation as follow.
In Paris April 24 ~ May 9, in Luxembourg May 10 ~ June 10, Munchen(Germany) June 11 ~ June 25.
While I am staying in Europe, if I have a good news from the gallery in Finland, I might be seriously consider to visit there shortly to look at the gallery and to negotiate with them for my future exhibition and workshops in Finland.
In July or August would be possible but it will be very short time. But I am not sure at the moment as I have many art projects in this year.
Maybe from next year would be more easy.
Now I am going to Busan for the International Art-Fair where my works are exhibiting. It is the most biggest international exhibition in Korea.
If I have a time, I will try to post in Facebook for you to appreciate.
Thanks again and take good care of your health.
See you soon.

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