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 Title 호주교류전-개인전-통신사
Hi Everyone,
Just thought I would invite you to the opening of our latest Australian Creative Exchange Exhibition "Creative Reflections".
This is a retrospective exhibition of artists who have exhibited with us before both here in Australia and overseas.
The exhibition will be held at One Arts Gallery and will opened by Cr Bob La Castra at 6.30pm to 9pm and drinks and nibbles will be available.

There will be over 50 artworks on display with artworks coming from Turkey, South Korea, Japan and New Zealand as well as Australia.
We hope to see you there friends and family are welcome to come along and there is plenty of parking.

Lainie Cooper
Australian Creative Exchange Inc.

Dear Chang Han,
I hope you are well and I see on Facebook that you are doing lots of wonderful art.
The Australian Creative Exchange Inc. are organising an exhibition on the Gold Coast from the 1st to the 28th March 2018 ( before the Commonwealth Games) and we would like to invite you to send one artwork A3 size , (because of the gallery space and number of Australian and overseas artists) to be exhibited.

Unfortunately the Gold Coast Gallery where we had our exhibition before is being renovated and rebuilt into a vast new complex and so I have had to obtain a smaller gallery.

It can be in any medium as per the invitation and there is no theme.
We are inviting a selection of artists who have exhibited with the Australian Creative Exchange Inc. previously, and we hope you can join with us.

I would be grateful if you would contact some of your artist friends that have exhibited with us before and ask them to send one picture please as per our invitation.
There will be no entry charge to overseas artists because of the cost of postage, but all works will be for sale.
I have included an invitation explaining all the details and you are welcome to contact me further if you wish to participate in this exhibition entitled "Creative Reflections"
This time we will organise an "online" catalogue , so that you can print off as many copies as you need. I will contact you again for details as soon as you send me the names of the artists who wish to send work.

We would love to hear from you again regarding your ideas.
I know you have a busy schedule and may not be able to come out here at this time, but I do hope you will be able to send a painting.

Kind Regards, Lainie Cooper President Australian Creative Exchange Inc.

1, In Daegu : Hotel Inter-Burgo Daegue
It takes 10~15 minutes from the Airport, KTX(very fast) train, Express bus terminal.

2, In Busan : The best area is the Haeundae beach district where are many hotels and beautiful ocean....

The Westin Chosun Busan :
Paradise Hotel :
Grand Hotel :
Ibis Ambassador Hotel :

3, In Ulsan : There are two Lotte hotels in Ulsan. Both are just 10 minutes on foot in mid downtown. And easy way to get any traffic tools.
The first Hotel is more bigger and expensive but the second one is very newest building and more cheaper than the first one so there are more foreigners.

In Ulsan-1 : Lotte Hotel

In Ulsan-2 : Lotte City Hotels

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Again Australia – Memories of the solo exhibitions & outdoor painting
다시 호주로 (회상 - 개인전, 현장작업)

My Art Traveling in Australia is just around corner.
I couldn’t have visited there since 2008 but then I had very good results in many ways.
The first visit was in 2005, at that time there was no one that I knew and I didn’t have any information. But since then, I have been lucky to meet many good friends who love my art. And the activity/relationship grows many significant results internationally.

Actually this trip to Australia is encouraged by people in Brisbane who love my art very much. They also visited my country in the early of this year to enjoy my art. It was a great meeting through endless connection with the people in the world.
Whenever I go and whatever I do, I focus on enjoying/sharing the art as well as to developing my art. What a wonderful world and the people.

2005년 처음 갈 때 만 해도 그곳은 낯선 땅이었고 아무도 몰랐다,
당시 NSW 주 지방 정부로 부터 개인전과 워크삽을 초청받았다. 그 후 2008년 까지 NSW 와 Queensland 의 여러 곳을 방문하면서 많은 인연이 이어졌다. 특히 다양한 작품 활동은 호주뿐만 아니라 한국에까지 인연이 이어졌고 캐나다 미국작가들과도 많은 얘기를 나눴다.

9년 만에 다시 가면서 추억의 앨범을 펼치니 그리움이 밀려온다.
지금 와서 생각하면 나는 그동안 매우 운이 좋았다.
호주인을 비롯하여 다양한 분들과 뜻깊은 인연이 많았다. 이 모든 것은 전혀 의도하지 않은 백지상태에서 시작됐기에 더욱 보람된다.
모든 것은 내가 그림을 그렸기 때문에 가능했다. 즉 그곳에서 내 그림을 선보였고, 그곳에서 그림을 그렸고, 기타 다양한 활동에서 그들의 특별한 관심이 모였기에 가능했다.

사실 이번에 호주를 방문하는 것도 내 그림을 좋아하는 호주분의 적극적인 도움이 크다.
현지인과 함께 호흡하면서 현지에서 직접 작품 제작하는 것은 그들의 도움 없이는 어렵다. 이분들은 금년 초 본인이 통도사 박물관에서 매화를 주제로 개인전 할 때 본인의 작품을 직접보기 위해 한국을 방문했기에 친분이 깊다.
이번에 호주로 가는 이유도 멋진 그림을 그리기 위함이다.

끝으로, 당시 활동모습을 정리한 자료를 아래에 링크하면서 개인전 모습과 현지 작업 모습을 나누어 올린다.

Again Australia –2 (Memory of the outdoor painting)
다시 호주로

1, 개인전 Solo Exhibition 1,2

2, 언론보도 News Papers

3, 워크샵 The Workshop

4, ICC 국제교류전 International Creative Community 1~6


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