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Upcoming Solo Exhibition, Plein-Air painting in Australia, Profile
호주 개인전, 현장작업, 약력

Solo Exhibition

Title : A Fantasy of Blossoms
Date : October 1~30
(Gallery opens 10-4 Monday ~ Friday, Sat 10-2, Sunday Close.)
Opening Night : Friday 5th October at 6~8:30pm
Where : One Arts Gallery
Address : Cnr Verona St and Via Roma, Isle of Capri. Surfers Paradise,
Gold Coast, Queensland. 4217 Australia
Gallery contact : 0400139 889
Artist contact : +82 10 6591 3338
Workshops : Saturday 6th October at 10am to 4pm

A cultural Exchange :
Since July 2005, I have traveled frequently a very long distance to visit a familiar country, Australia, I have had several international exhibitions include solo exhibitions.
Over the past years, I have created many art works in Australia. I was sure I could
share my ideals with the world, through art.
What I have painted on the canvas represents, for me, a going back to nature and a return to the human’s pure, native state.

Maehwa of Korea :
My “Maehwa(Plum Blossoms)” paintings reach beyond the mere aesthetic beauty of the subject, bringing to bear symbolic meaning, especially in the realm of Korea’s emotional disposition: the noble character and strong discipline of the dedicated scholar.

It is easy to imagine the tree and its beautiful flowers as symbolic of struggle and life’s perpetual soldiering on. The act of blossoming is both gentle and forceful. The petal’s delicacy contrasts to gnarled boughs and rough twisted trunks. The Maehwa stretches toward the unreachable sky with an unyielding tenacity.

Plein-Air painting
SEP 16 ~ 26 : In Uki (N.S.W.) Subject: Blooming blossoms
SEP 28 ~ Oct 10 : In Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast) Subject: vibrant ocean
OCT 11 ~ Nov 4 : In UQ (Brisbane) Subject: Blooming blossoms - Jacaranda

Profile summarized
Education 1991 : M.F.A. Painting, Hong-ik University, Seoul
1987 : B.F.A. Painting, Hong-ik University, Seoul
Self Published Art-Book 2010
Solo Exhibitions : 1991~2018 : 41 times (Korea, U.S.A, Australia, Japan, Luxembourg)
Art Fair & Biennale Exhibitions : 2005~2018 : 11 times (Korea, U.S.A, Japan, Italy)
Group Exhibitions : 1987~2018 : 200 times (Korea, U.S.A, Australia, Japan, Canada, China, Singapore, Myanmar)

Recent Solo Exhibitions
2018 :
March 1~18, Gallery Doo (Seoul, Korea) “Invitational” Title: Vital Fantasy
June 6~25, Arts KoCo Gallery (Luxembourg) “Invitational, include Residence”
Title: Vital Fantasy...Luxembourg ~ Korea
October 1~30, One Arts Gallery (Gold Coast, Australia) Title: A Fantasy of Blossoms
November 27~December 3, Gallery Doo (Seoul, Korea) “Invitational”
Title: Impressions from Afar – A Visitor’s Perspective
December 11~16, Ulju Arts Center (Ulsan, Korea)
“Sponsored by Ulsan Metropolitan City, Ulsan Arts and Culture Foundation”
Title: Utopia of Public Art in Korea and Foreign Lands

2017 :
February~March : Tongdo-sa Museum (Yangsan, Korea) “Invitational”
Title: Maehwa (Plum Tree) Blossoms
February~March : Posco Gallery (Pohang, Korea) “Invitational” Title: Blooming
April : Arioso Gallery (Ulsan, Korea) “Invitational”
Title: Apple Tree – Vital Fantasy

2016 :
anuary~Frbruary : Plartform Gallery (Goseong, Korea) “Invitational”
Title: Winter Sea - Vital Fantasy
June~July : Geumnyeosan Gallery (Busan Museum of Art, Korea)
Sponsored by Busan Metropolitan City Cultural Foundation"
Title: Sea - Vital Fantasy
August~September : Prak-sis Gallery (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.) “Invitational”
Title: Maehwa (Plum Tree) Blossoms & Recent works
October : P&O Gallery 1, 2 (Busan, Korea) Title: Impression from Afar - A Visitor's Perspective

My work is on permanent display in the following locations:
Domestic(Ulsan) : Ulsan Metropolitan City, Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education,
The Lotte Hotel, Tongdo-sa Temple, Hyundai Arts Center, Ulsan High School of Arts, The Ulsan Culture & Art Center, SMS Korea, Ulsan Institute of Foreign Language Education,
Numerous individually owned pieces in Ulsan and other cities in Korea

Overseas : Australia - Gold Coast City Hall, numerous individually owned pieces
America - IVY TECH(Community College, Bloomington),
numerous individually owned pieces
Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Germany - Individually owned pieces

Here are some videos to enjoy my art.
'Maehwa (Plum Tree) Blossoms’
'Sea - Vital Fantasy’
Recent Solo Exhibition
Recent Solo Exhibition
Never Sleeping - Dynamic City Ulsan

1, 생명의 환희 Vital Fantasy in Australia 2017-1, Oil on linen 80.3x116.8cm
2, 생명의 환희 Vital Fantasy in Australia 2017-2, Oil on linen 80.3x116.8cm
3, 매화(梅花) Maehwa (Plum Blossoms) 2018, Oil on linen 116.8x72.7cm
4~7, Detail of #1 작품1 부분
8~11, Detail of #2 작품2 부분
12~15, Detail of #3 작품3 부분
Plein-Air painting in Korea in 2018 현장작업
Plein-Air painting in Australia in 2017 현장작업

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