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The list of the works

A1, Dragongly Seasons 2005-1, Watercolor on paper 38x57cm

A2, Dragongly Seasons 2005-2, Watercolor on paper 38x57cm

A3, Dragongly Seasons 2006-1, Watercolor on paper 38x57cm

A4, Dragongly Seasons 2006-2, Watercolor on paper 38x57cm

A5, Dragongly Seasons 2006-3, Watercolor on paper 38x57cm

A6, Dragongly Seasons 2006-4, Watercolor on paper 38x57cm


B1~B8, Image of Woman 1990-1, Watercolor on paper 80x110cm

B9~B10, Image of Woman 1990-2, Watercolor on paper 79x55cm

B11~B18, Image of Woman 1990-3, Watercolor on paper 80x110cm


C1, Maehwa (Plum Blossoms) 2018-1, Oil on linen 53x72.7cm

C2, Maehwa (Plum Blossoms) 2018-2, Oil on linen 53x72.7cm


Notice : Belows are unfinished but the D1,3,4 works are almost finished.

D1, Impressions from Afar - Shwedagon Pagoda 2018-1, Oil on linen 65.1x90.9cm

D2, Impressions from Afar - Shwedagon Pagoda 2018-2, Oil on linen 50x65.1cm

D3, Impressions from Afar - Bagan 2018-2, Oil on linen 50x65.1cm

D4, Impressions from Afar - Traditional market, Yangon 2018, Oil on linen 50x65.1cm

D5, Impressions from Afar - Inle Lake 2018-1, Oil on linen 50x65.1cm

D6, Impressions from Afar - Inle Lake 2018-2, Oil on linen 50x65.1cm


Notice : I will paint at this time, maybe maximum will be 20, minimum 10 works.

E1 series, Impressions from Afar - Bagan 2019, Oil on linen 61x92cm

E2 series, Impressions from Afar - Magway 2019, Oil on linen 61x92cm

E3 series, Impressions from Afar - Ngapali 2019, Oil on linen 61x92cm

E4 series, Impressions from Afar - Yangon 2019, Oil on linen 61x92cm

E5 series, Image of Woman 2019, Oil on linen 61x92cm



A cultural Exchange by visiting Korean artist Kim Chang Han!


People say that Myanmar is A “ Pure Soul” country.

My very strong impression when travelling in Myanmar 2018, was such an amazing experience, I made a decision to visit this incredible country again with the view to embrace the beauty of the country further with my artistic impression. To share my impression of this stunning beauty and the ideals of such journey through my personal “World Art Journey”.


What I have painted on the canvas represents, for me, going back to a pure wild nature, the return to a “Pure and Spiritual-Meditative State”!



World Art Journey

I started painting overseas when I visited the United States in 2002. Since 2005, I frequently visited Australia (N.S.W., QLD) as well as the United States and Japan. I also visited in Russia and Cambodia.


I was looking to develop my paintings further, However, at that time, I was a full time art teacher, sharing & teaching my love of earths beauty, yet there was never enough time to freely develop this expression.


2018 was the year to embrace fully my art journey, so I started planning & implementing my painting journey, and held many exciting solo exhibitions and workshops in many countries I “felt much inspiring love” Since 2018, I have been fortunate to indulge my paintings senses in many countries including France / Luxembourg / Germany, Australia, & Myanmar. These have been incredible journeys sharing the vibrant beauty of these countries through my art! In 2019. I have again journeyed back to Germany / Luxembourg / France /Australia /China /Myanmar to paint more of the beauty of my art journey!


In 2020, I have solo exhibitions and workshops planned in Europe, China, Australia even in Russia and in Canada being discussed now, as many people, countries are noticing my art journey and are excited to see my expression of their countries beauty to paint.


My international journeys are not just to “visit, sightseeing or even just sketching, these journeys are for me personal, as I embrace the cultures, the vibrancy of life , the rich & amazing diversity in each country & in the people, so that as I paint, the joys I find & see come through my expression onto canvas for the world to view as well.


My desire is to share the beauty of each country, yes, even sell these art works to those who also see & feel the beauty in their eyes. I am on my art journey to explore the cultural diversity of each place I visit, and to share these on a world stage!



Kim Chang Han Solo Exhibition

Title : World Art Journey in Myanmar – Impression from Afar

Date : December 13~17 (Gallery opens 10:30am-6pm)

Opening Night : Saturday 14th at 5:30~7:30pm

Where : New Treasure Art Gallery

Address : No. 84/A, Thanlwin St, Golden Hill Avenue, Golden Valley, Bahan Tsp, University P.O, Yangon, Myanmar 11201

Gallery contact : T. 095 027917, Min Maw Aung T. 099 68063418


Artist contact : +82 10 6591 3338

How are you doing?
Here, it is cold winter but my living city is not very cold than the north area.
I met the monk Jin Eung the day before yesterday who is working as the Abbot at one(family temple) of Buddhist monastery of the great national temple of Tongdo-sa.
He worked there for a long time so his relationship with Tongdo-sa is very strong.
He also has good interesting of the art. I met him for a long time so we are very good relationship.

As I discussed with you and your family, the best idea to have your father’s solo exhibition is at the Tongdo-sa museum. So his contact is important.
And as I said, the Jin Eung monk will visit to Myanmar from February 13th for 6 days with 15 Korean people.
Basically he and his friends will visit in Bagan and Inle lake area.
So maybe his time in Yangon will be only one or two over nights.

I discuss with him for visiting the New Treasure Art Gallery and meet your father while he is staying in Yangon. Maybe he will stay the Lotte Hotel in Yangon.
But I don’t know exactly where is the hotel and how long does it take from the hotel to your place.
Anyway, he said to me that he will try to visit your gallery and meet your father.
I really hope for meeting with father and look around the gallery of your father’s works.
It will be very helpful to come to true to have your father’s good exhibition at the temple museum. And the companies Korean friends will be also important to have a good relationship.

Basically they will guide by a Korean who is married with a Myanmar woman and their major job is a tour guide in Myanmar so it will be easy to communication.
I will send you/your father’s contact information to meet them.
Hopefully things are going well.

OK have a good day.

How about my left works’ exhibition?
Does the Korean people were visit at the gallery?
I am thinking to visit Myanmar twice (each one month) in 2020 because I really want to paint more. So the best idea is from middle of August to middle of September and in December.
There is an English version on the main menu of the top right area.

There are two chances of my solo exhibitions and one chance of workshop in Australia in this year. But I am trying one more special exhibition and workshop during the Jacaranda festival. It is an fantastic event. Here is their website.
Just have a look.


Tongdo-sa Jajang Mae (Plum blossoms) & the poem
자장매(慈藏梅)와 노륜의 시

위 사진은 2006년 자장매를 그릴 때 모습이다.
본인이 매화를 그리기 시작한 것은 통도사(양산) 자장매(慈藏梅)를 그린 2003년부터였다. 그동안 그린 수많은 매화 중 가장 큰 비중을 차지한다.
매화는 단순한 꽃이 아닌 살아있는 군자(君子)정신을 상징한다.

몇 일후면 다시 통도사에서 자장매를 그리기 시작한다.
꽃이 필 때부터 질 때까지 매화나무아래서 매화 향을 느끼며 살아숨쉬는 생명의 기운 (氣運)을, 군자(君子)정신 그린다.

자장매 는 우리나라 역대 고승(高僧)의 영정(影幀)을 모신 통도사 영각(影閣) 건물 앞에 있는데 기둥엔 8개 주련(柱聯)에 아름다운 한시가 있다.
그 시는 중국 당나라 문인 노륜이 지었다.

半夜中峰有磬聲 반야중봉유경성
깊은 밤 산봉우리 속에서 경쇠소리 들려오니
偶逢樵者問山名 우봉초자문산명
우연히 만난 나뭇꾼에게 산 이름을 물어 보았네
方月曉聞僧語 상방월효문승어
위에는 달빛 속에 스님의 말소리 들리고
下路林疏見客行 하로임소견객행
길 아래 수풀 사이로 지나는 사람들도 보이구나
野鶴巢邊松最老 야학소변송최로
학의 둥지 주변이 가장 늙은 소나무이고
毒龍潛處水偏清 독룡잠처수편청
독룡이 잠겨있는 곳이 특히 맑은 물이네
願得遠公知姓字 원득원공지성자
멀리서 공의 이름자라도 알려고 해보니
焚香洗鉢過浮生 분향세발과부생
향 사루고 바루 씻으며 덧없는 인생을 보내신다네

It was 2003 that I started painting of the Maehwa (Plum blossoms) in Tongdo-sa buddhist monastery. I will try to paint the Maehwa again very soon in front of the Maehwa tree at the buddhist monastery.
The Maehwa has regarded for a long time in Korea that it is not just a flower but living noble character.
I asked a monk about the wonderful poem on the pillars in front of the YeongGak building, and he told me as follow:

With the sound of a temple hand-bell rung
Heard from the top of a mountain deep at night,
I happen on a woodman,
"Do you know what kind of mountain it is?"

A monk teaching in the moonlight from above,

People walking down a mountain trail in the woods,

I see the oldest pine tree around a crane's nest and
Sheer clean water where a lone dragon has found its own place.
Here, far away from the noble man,
I try in vain to know his name.

But he just spends his time in this transient life
Burning temple incense and washing temple dishes.
(by Noryun from Dang Dynasty, China)

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