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 Title Recent Work ֱ۾()
2021-aa1~5, ߴ ܿٴ Dancing Winter Sea, Oil on linen 162.2x655.5cm 100F 5()

Dancing Winter Sea
ߴ ܿٴ

< ۾ ǹ >
Meaning of work

ܿٴ ۾ ̴.
۾ ̰ ġ ´.
Ͼ ӿ ϴ ܿ£ ִ Ư̴.
Ҽ ڰ ̹ ϴ ִ. ׷ . ׵ Բ ۾ Ѵ.
Winter sea painting work on the site is always challenging and full of adventures.
The dynamic and vibrant appearance of the site always resonate my heart.
Waking up at dawn and greeting sunrise in sub-zero temperatures is a special thing that can only be experienced in winter.
In Ulsan Ganjeolgot, we can see large vessels and fishing boats working with bright lights. Whenever I see this, my heart is full of energy and I start working hard with them.

ߣ绝ˢ(٣) 时间죬ʦ跟钓鱼߾开灯们业况们样ˣ跟们很认真开业

ܿٴ ۾ .
ѳ ⿡ β ԰ ̸鼭 ħ ۾ ϱ⿡ ǰ ſ ӵ ְ ȴ. ҿ ׷ ʴ ȭ տ ̴.
Winter sea painting site is always tense.
Even in the daytime, the temperature is very low. Therefore I put layers of clothes and try to work as quickly and speedily as possible.
What doesn't get me boring when I am painting in the same place for a month is the unpredictable climate and the magnificent view in front of me.


λ ڷ Ұ δ.
̰ ܿٴ ׸ ¾ ڷ ϰ ǰ ڿȯ Ѵ.
Ganjeolgot is boundary between Busan and Ulsan so I can see the clear view of the Gory Nuclear Power Plant.
When I am here, I came to think about the coexistence and prosperity of the eternal sun energy and nuclear power that keep us live. And it also remind me of the importance of clean environment we need to protect for next generation.


Ӿ з ĵ ε ϸ鼭 ȯ ϰ İ ٶ ۾ ġ鼭 ׸ ȴ.
뱤κ ߰ſ ä ھƿ ¾ Ƹٿ ش. , ȯ ϱ⿣ ̴ְ.
The constantly rushing waves hit the rocks and explode and being swept away by the refreshing breeze, performing a wild dance. And I capture that moment.
That water drops show peak of beauty when they meet burning sunshine. And this moment is perfect for me to enjoy the bliss of life.


< ǰ Ư¡ ǥ ־ >
Main Point of Works and Expressions

ĵ ִ ĵ ľϱ⿡ dz Ұų ĵ ұĢϰ з ĵ ġ ·Ӵ. ׷ Ҽ ׸ ִ.
׷ ׸ ׸ٱ װ ĵ ĵ Բ ٴ ǥ ϴ. ġ /弭۵ ĵ ٶ Ÿ ϰ Ϸش ݹ . ̷ ڿ ׸ ȭ ̸ ش. ׷ ٴٿ ۾ ̶ ʴ ̷Ӵ.
I have to put canvas as close as to waves, thus finding right spot for putting canvas is very dangerous when strong winds blow or the waves are pushed irregularly. However, the more the weather is twisted, the more thrilling I got and my painting be.
In this case, the expression of dancing with the waves on the canvas with a painting brush and knife is more suitable than just painting the waves.
Its like I become a surfer/windsurfer riding winds and waves and it just blow my mind away and when I realize the day already goes by.
Falling into the trance naturally add lots of changes and transitions to my paintings. So working in the ocean is even more interesting because of the unpredictable quality of water.


- ִ
- ϴ
ӵ - ̴
밨 - ½Ű ̰ ູ
̽ ä - ż ڱ, ŷ
- ׸
- Ư
Vitality - Living feeling
Reality - Existence feeling
Speed - Moving feeling
Rhythmic movement - Brighten up exciting and happy mind
Vivid, Bright and Clear Colors - Refresh and Profound attraction
Space - Depth of work
Personality - My own creativity

动 - 觉
实 - 觉
- 运动觉
轻节 -
净鲜 - 鲜̭奥
间 - 画
个 - 独

< 忡 >
People I met while I am painting on the street

忡 ׸ ׸鼭 .
ٴٻӸ ƴ϶ ĵ ġ ó ĵ ġ ׸ ׸ ȭ . (ؿܿ ȭ 忡 ĵ ġ ׸ ׸.) ׷ űϰ ٶ󺸰 Ѵ.
Ҵ Ұϸ,
0, "ǰ ʹ ϴ."
1, ߿ ۿ ׸ϱ? 亯, ׸ ׸ ̷ ͼ ׸ϴ.
2, ̸ ׿, ȭ Դϱ? ׸ ׷Ƚϱ? 亯, ۰Դϴ. ʵб ׷Ƚϴ.
3, ȭ ֽϱ? մϱ? 亯, ߱ ȭԴϴ. Ӹ ƴ϶ ؿ 󿡼 ĵ ġ ׸ ׸ մϴ. 2021 꿡 ȹε. Ȳ ڷγ Դϴ. ۳⿡ / ؿ 4 Դϴ.
ȸ Ǹ Ȩ SNS ø ǰڽϴ.

When I am painting on the site, I met lots of people.
It is very difficult to see a Plein Air painters in Korea like me.
And people find me very interesting and often questioned a lot.
Many people said or asked me as below.

0, I am very admired by your work.
1, Why are you painting outside in this cold weather.
Answer: Because I want to paint a live painting.
2, You have a good hobby, Are you a painter? when did you start painting?
Answer: I am full time artist. It was started when I was elementary student.
3, Where is your art studio? When do you exhibit the work?
Answer: Wherever I go is my studio. I work in many different place not only Ulsan and Korea but over other countries. I am planning to have a solo exhibition in 2021 this summer. It will be flexible due to Covid-19. Also I am currently talking 4 different overseas galleries that I delayed my solo exhibitions.
Please check my website for more detailed informations.

1这样很为么画画 ͣ为栩栩画这样来画画
2你真兴动你画ʫ吗从么时开画 ͣ兴个专业画ʫ从学时开画画
3你画哪죿么时哪儿ƣ ͣ画ߣ韩国国内国处现画画ơҴ2021ߣߩ开个览会ή况Ҵ国个国ʫ经Ѣ谈论顣会来个网跟SNS, ʦ帮你

() ܿٴٿ ׸ ׸ е Ŀǿ ־.
(Ư е ׸ ߴٸ ȣǸ Ǯ Ŭߴ.)
λ 𲲼 Բ ͼ ϰ ׸ Ѻ ȣ ְ . ó ĿǸ ַ ȭǿ ؼ ߴµ ߿ ȣ ְ . Ŭߴ ׵ ȣǻӸ ƴ϶ ָ  ׸ ϰ Ѻұ ̴. 80~90 ̿ ұϰ ܿٴٷ ݰ ãƿ԰ ϰ ȣ ׸ Ѻұ ̴.
(Last) When I am painting the ocean, many people gave hot coffee and food.
(Especially when strangers approached me and handed me coffee, thanking for amazing paining I was very delighted .)
The most impressive moment was when old woman came to see the sunrise with her daughters, they looked at my painting seriously, and then gave rice cakes. In fact, she tried to give coffee at first, but I politely refused because it was hard to go toilet frequently. So they bought a hot rice cake. The reason I was so touched is not only because of their favor, but also because I saw her hope for life, which came to see the sunrise from far despite her age of 80-90, and they saw my painting with serious and pure interests.


< ȹ >
Future Plan

̹ ߴ ܿٴ١ ٴ ׸ 11° ϸ鼭 ް ϰ Ǿ ڰ Ѵ.
ް ȭ ø ٽ ٴٷ ƿ ̴.
ٴٻӸ ƴ϶ ׵ ̱ ĶϾ, ȣ ڽƮ, ̾Ḷ ȸ, 귻 ܿ ߱, ī, Ƹ޸ī ٴٿ ģ Ƹٿ ̾߱ ġ ź񽺷 ٴٸ ׸ ׸ ̴.

2021 'ߴ ܿٴ' ڷγ ״  ݰ ̴.

I am excessively happy to successfully complete "Dancing Winter Sea" project for one month, commemorating the 11th year of painting domestic ocean paintings. I am going to start another ocean series after I finish plum series for several months.
In the future, I am not only going to paint domestic seas but also capture the beauty of California, Australia Gold Coast, Myanmar Ngapali, France Bretagne, as well as the seas of China, Africa and South America, the story of the beautiful life of friends of the earth.

2021 "Dancing Winter Sea series will remains in my heart forever with the joy and hope of getting away from Covid-19 shadow.


2021 ԯ 脱离来ή难远졣


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